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We Provide A Wide Range Of Property Services

Customer is extremely important to us. It goes with the Philosophy of my motherland i.e. Atithi Devo Bhava, which means Guest is equivalent to God and we hold a Client equivalent to Guest. We are aware that a Client will approach us only if we are able to understand their requirements and fulfil their requirements up to their satisfaction by saving time and money.

You could be looking at buying, selling or letting out a commercial property. You’ll find great value in partnering with our team of professional advisors who specialize in providing comprehensive services that meet your commercial property requirements within Tricity.


Whether it is your first home or second, The First Home will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. By providing honest advice and personalized assistance, we ensure that your home-buying experience is not just exceptional, but memorable too.


Investing in real estate is a decision of great significance. Therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable & noteworthy real estate advisor with in-depth market knowledge. So, count on the right advice and expertise of a The First Home to make the most lucrative investment dicision.

Our Specialization

Our company provides all types of services related to Real Estate and our  company is one of the top Real Estate Company in Mohali.


The First Home Architecture offer's a Complete Design Package From Briefing to Project Completion,Site Selection And Pre-Purchase Feasibility Preliminary Design,Developed Design,

Exterior Design​

Exterior design provides the first impression of your business. Attention to detail and clean, thoughtful design sets an expectation for the consumer before

Landscape Design​

By laying down the Design Guidelines, we create Landscapes that work in tandem with the buildings by creating a comfortable and visually appealing design with an eye for the technical aspects.

Site Planning

Site Planning Is The Allocation Of Functions in Piece Of Land to Derive Efficient Untilization of Resources at Disposal Useful Spaces With Respect To Functions

Furniture Design​

Your current home not working for you and you just need to move on? We will create and execute a staging plan with plenty of ideas of your existing residence to help you move on to the home where your heart is as quickly as possible.

Interior Design​

Our Interior Design Services Includes Design OfSpace,Color,Furniture,Flooring,Ceiling,Lighting Etc, Our Interior Design Portfolio Consists of following ProjectsCorporate Interiors Residential interiors........

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​